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Hi, my name is Joshua Price. I support Amazon sellers to comply with policy, protect & grow revenue and reinstate suspended accounts or products. Take a look at what I can do for you.

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Joshua Price. Amazon Consultant



If your business is worth something to you - use these guys without any hesitation. Joshua is honestly THE MAN, he knows what he's doing and has helped get through this process.

Melodi Harell


The appeal he supplied was very different to what I was going to produce. You can really tell he understands Amazon well. All it took was one attempt to get back to selling.

Andy O'neill


Joshua, Just got an email that Amazon DE is reinstated. I'm so glad we didn't rush this. I am patient as I prefer quality before quantity and you do an awesome job!

Christian Mayrhofer

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$500 million
Revenue Restored

Account & ASIN Suspensions

I've been working closely with some of the largest sellers on the Amazon Marketplace for many years. I specialise in assisting  sellers with suspension and policy issues. As bigger sellers on Amazon typically operate differently from small sellers, my appeal letters and policy implementation must adapt and show this. I've worked with Amazon Renewed Program Sellers, Lawyers & IP Protection Agencies (from both sides), due diligence processes and quality management systems. I've been supporting sellers since 2015 and have assisted over 2500 Sellers, with a special interest in interlectual property issues.

If you purchase suspension support from a typical company, you may get an inexperienced employee, using templates, rushing the process. My clients are 95% from referrals, that speaks for itself. If you want confidential, discreet, professional and truly expert advice, guidance and support - the latest Amazon know-how, please contact me.

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Joshua Price Compliance

Joshua Price Compliance is a compliance agency for Amazon Sellers. As a growing Amazon Seller you've probably scaled up many aspects of your business like staffing, accounting, warehouse, IT systems. However, so many sellers don't scale their compliance needs too. There's often millions in revenue dependant on having your Amazon account open and in good health. Why not invest in that?

We work with larger sellers to help manage their Amazon Account Health & Policy Violations. On a retainer basis I'm able to access a seller's account regularly to take care of any issues that may arise as well as help prevent issues from occurring. Suspension is a very serious issue and a major worry for most sellers. By having a dedicated expert keeping your account in shape, you're making smart choices to protect yourself.

I have the belief that every large Amazon Seller needs to appoint a Compliance Officer, someone responsible for analysing risk, mitigating it, and protecting the business's interest. Just like in the banking sector, where having a Compliance Officer is common, Amazon act like a regulator and can impose sanctions on your account or stop it all together. Ensuring compliance with Amazon's policies is, therefore, essential to ensure your business will have longevity.


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Call: +44 (0) 1273 252 900

Telegram: @amazonappeal


- Provided Amazon Suspension Support to 2500+ Clients​
- Managed Amazon Accounts, $35 Million managed
- Reinstated $500 Million of sellers revenues

Previous role: Head of eCommerce

Professional Bodies, Studies & Qualification:

ICA Specialist Certificate in Conduct Risk, Distinction
ICA Certificate in Compliance, Merit

International Compliance Association Member

I'm Joshua. I’m a serial entrepreneur that has worked on a broad range of projects. I've lent my expertise to the largest Amazon sellers globally, working for sellers, banks, service providers and governments. I've been running my own business, Suspension Experts, for the past five years. Since starting I’ve helped suspended Amazon sellers restore over $500 Million in revenue by developing custom action plans to get them back up and selling again. During this time, I also managed and grew $30 Million in Amazon revenues for my consulting & account management clients.

Currently, as well as reinstating suspended accounts, I work with businesses that sell on Amazon to help them avoid suspensions all together - through training sessions, risk frameworks and one-on-one coaching programs. My goal is to help as many people as possible run their successful online business without getting hit by suspensions or bans from the marketplace.